B = Beginner    I = Intermediate   A = Advanced
Concert Band Music
Seven concert band pieces published by C. Alan Publications (includes score and full band parts).  Sound clips and score samples may be found at www.c-alanpublications.com.  Click on Composers and the letter "H".
Concert Band
A COWBOY LIFE (B-I)- Programmatic work depicting a day in the life of an American cowboy.  Influenced by Aaron Copland's wonderful music.  Includes a short duet for alto sax and clarinet, as well as exciting percussion parts.

FANFARE AND ALLEGRO (I)- Muscular brass and percussion fanfare followed by a 4/4 allegro.  Exciting writing for all sections.

HOT CHA-CHA (I)- Authentic and danceable featuring infectious Latin unison rhythms and appealing melodies.  Comfortable ranges for winds and brasses.

McCOY'S MARCH (I)- Gaelic-inflection in this 2/4 spritely march.  Interesting parts for every instrument (including low brass and winds).  A crowd-pleasing selection.

SHOW-DOWN (A)- Challenging contemporary work in 4/4 time featuring the percussion section.  Trumpet part goes to a written high B-flat.  Exciting interplay.  Winds must have "fingers."  Percussion uses bells, xylophone, optional marimba, four timpani, snare drum, bass drum/cymbals, four tom-toms, and accessories.

SOUTHERN CHORALE & MARCH (B-I)- A charming church-like chorale opens the piece, followed by a march using the themes stated in the opening.  Very accessible rhythms and ranges for intermediate school students (grades 6-8).  Easy sycopations.

A SUMMER WALTZ (B)- A reflective piece in 3/4 time.  Unison rhythms and very melodious wind and brass parts in comfortable ranges for first-year band students.  Interesting percussion parts for six players, plus bells.